Kon-Tiki2: A warm welcome

While we are waiting for the right weather conditions and the rafts to set sails, expedition leader Torgeir Higraff wants to specify the incredible welcome and friendliness of the residents on Rapa Nui.

Here is his words:
"Once again I want to highlight the support we get from the hundreds of local people we meet every day and the official support from the mayor, the governor, and the Chilean Armada.On Rapa Nui (Easter Island) we have met many friendly islanders. We specially want to thank our host Jackeline Rapu Tuki and her family for helping us with many issues, We are very thankful for the help provided; Jacqueline and her wonderful family has impressed us in their may roles as B&B providers, dance instructors, and travel agents extraordinaire.We also want to express our gratitude to the mayor Pedro Pablo Edmunds Paoa for providing us with fruits and vegetables from the islanders for the return leg."