Raft Regatta in the spirit of Heyerdahl

Raft Regatta 2010

My father would have loved this, said Thor Jr.

With plenty of spectators and 11 impressive rafts, the annual raft regatta was kicked into action in Stavern on Saturday morning.

Flåteregatta 2010The event is part of the Heyerdahl Town project and is intended as a tribute to the Tangaroa expedition.

The programme has been put together in true Heyerdahl spirit, with an emphasis on creativity and a willingness to take on a challenge rather than trying to be first across the finishing line.

- Participation is the most important factor, and doing ones best, say Håvard L. Johansen, Herman Valmyr Dageid and Jonas Hammelow Fridlund (all age 10), who were on the starting line with their boat “Raske Gutter” (“Fast Boys”).

At the award ceremony after the regatta, the three classmates from Stavern School won the prize for best effort.

One of the judges for the day was Thor Heyerdahl Jr., and he thoroughly enjoyed himself at the seafront location, Kronprinstomta, where the prize-giving took place.

- My father would have loved this, said Thor Jr.

Written by: Lasse Nordheim, Østlandsposten Newspaper, 21.08.2010

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