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Summer School 2014

The Thor Heyerdahl summer school has started. 24 participants from all over the world were present when the summer school was opened. All lectures are open for anybody who is interested.

The school was opened by by Poul Wisborg, Head of Department, Knut Pihl, Thor Heyerdahl Institute and Arild Vatn, course leader.

Poul Wisborg
introduced the participants to the University and the department of Noragric and presented us with some real life challenges.

Ross presents the expectations from his group.                                Photo: Josie teurlings

Knut Pihl, leader of the Board of the Thor Heyerdahl Institute remined us that this year it is 100 years ago since Thor Heyerdahl was born. He told us about his expeditions and that Thor Heherdahl always tried to have an interdisciplinary team on his travels. The Institute continues with Thor Heyerdahl idees and ideals and therefore supports this interdisciplinary summer school. He wished everyone an interesting and inspiring stay.

Arild Vatn was very eager to get to know the expectations of the participants and quickly sent them of in groups to find out about this.

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