Thor Heyerdahl videregående skole (sixth form college)

Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole (sixth form college) is in Larvik. It used to consist of several school sites spread around Larvik Municipality, but was collected onto one site from 17 August 2009, when the new school building was ready. It offers 11 – out of a possible 12 – sixth form educational programmes.

Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole is an amalgamation of four former sixth form colleges in Larvik (Farris Videregående Skole, Gloppe Skole, Kilden Videregående Skole and Larvik Gymnas). The school is one of the largest in Norway, with approximately 1600 pupils (as per 1 August 2006) and 11 programmes of study (everything part from the Natural Resources programme, which is offered at Melsom Videregående Skole in Stokke Municipality). It is exceeded in size only by another school in Vestfold, Sandefjord Videregående Skole (SVGS). The head teacher is Hallvard Larsen.

Minority language pupils

Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole has a long-standing close co-operation with Larvik Læringssenter (centre of learning), both in terms of educational programmes and financial resources, for example with regard to preparatory courses for minority language students during the last year of school. Both organisations have previously been selected by the National Centre for Multi-Cultural Learning (NAFO) to be so-called Focus Schools, and thus work goal-oriented with multi-cultural learning.

Anita Lødrup is advisor for minority language students at Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole.

The new school

  • Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole in Larvik was collected onto one site in August 2009, when the new school building in Hoffsgate near Fram Stadion was ready for use.
  • The Danish team of architects Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen, in co-operation with SLA landscape architects, won the design competition on 24 January 2006 with their project, «Synergi».
  • The entire school project together with Arena Larvik (seating capacity for 4000 spectators) had a budget of NOK 969 million, including NOK 143 million for the Arena.
  • AF Synergi was the main contractor for the building. However, the work was carried out by a co-operative working group of ten companies, led by Veidekke.
  • The building complex consists of the actual school building and the Arena sports facility. It has a total size of 33 802 square metres.
  • The school building is six stories and 24 metres high, with a floor area of 80 × 80 metres. Workshop areas are counted separately.
  • The Arena is connected to the school building via a bridge from the second floor. It has two handball courts and seating capacity for 4000 spectators.
  • The school is a place of learning for 1650 pupils and approximately 300 employees.
  • Its name is still Thor Heyerdahl Videregående Skole.
  • In June 2007 demolition work was started on the old school buildings in Hoffsgate.
  • The total budget for decorating the school was approximately NOK 1.8 million.
  • In August 2007 a specially appointed committee decided which of the submitted school decoration proposals to accept.

See the school’s website here