Young people aged 15-20 were invited to take part in The Thor Heyerdahl Competition, based on this year's theme, the environment.

Many good entries were submitted and received awards. The competition was incorporated as part of the programme for The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2009.

The winners were Ingrid Kristine Anker, Renate Mathiesen and Maria Andreassen from Greveskogen Videregående Skole (Sixth Form College) in Tønsberg, with their film called "Urbefolkningen" ("The indigenous people"). Click here to see the whole film

Second place went to Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus from Færder Videregående Skole (Sixth Form College) in Tønsberg, with her film "Hvordan myggen slapp ut i verden" ("How the mosquito got out into the world"). Click here to see the whole film

The winners received their awards October 30 in Gamle Logen in Oslo. Read the press release here

Please note that the rights to the winning entries belong to The Thor Heyerdahl Institute.
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