Young people take "the fight for the environment" seriously.

126 young people have made advertising films about the environment. The task to "Make an advertising film of approximately 1 minute where you challenge young people of your own age to do something positive for the environment" was embraced by young Norwegians! The competition was advertised by The Thor Heyerdahl Institute and administrated by the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo. 34 entries involving the work of 126 school pupils were received. The winners were announced in Larvik in connection with The Thor Heyerdahl International Days. The 1st Prize of NOK 10 000 was shared between the three winning entries.

Joint 1st Prize for the film "Super Sandra", Byåsen Videregående Skole (Sixth Form College); Trondheim, by Sandra Johansen, Merete Stjern Nesheim, Julia P. Danielsen, Mia Hanssen and Ane Bermudez

Joint 1st Prize for the film "Skru av lyset når du kan" ("Switch off the light when you can"), Høgtun Videregående Skole (Sixth Form College), Troms, by Rebekka Helmersen, Kenneth Jensen, Glenn Sønvisen, Cathrine Skogheim

Joint 1st Prize for the film "Naturen tar tilbake" ("Nature reclaims itself"), Byåsen Videregående Skole (Sixth Form College), Trondheim, by Jacob Myklestad, Nina Dragsten Stene, Stine Bragstad Stenhaug, Adrian Hildrum, Maren Flack Bergby and Silje M. Holsen Dising

You can see the competition invitation and the winning entries under the following link:

Two of the participants were represented in Larvik on April 28 where they received their awards, flowers and congratulations. They were Sandra Johansen (Super Sandra) and Jacob Myklestad (Naturen tar tilbake/Nature reclaims itself)

Alex Rosèn's video advertisement for the competition:


Maja Bauge, Managing Director of the Kon-Tiki Museum; Board Member of The Thor Heyerdahl Institute
Erling Storm, Board Member of The Thor Heyerdahl Institute
Alex Rosèn, "Friend of the Kon-Tiki Museum" and artiste
Halfdan Tangen Jr., Marketing Executive, Kon-Tiki Museum