The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2017

See the presentations from The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2017, with Cultural heritage and Identity as this years theme.



Herdis Hølleland:

Herdis Hølleland is currently
working as a researcher at the
Norwegian Institute for
Cultural Heritage Research
(NIKU), where she investigates
why and how we look after our
natural and cultural heritage.
She has studied archaeology
and cultural heritage at the
University of Oslo, University
College London and Cardiff
University, and she has worked
for the Norwegian counties of
Vestfold and Oppland. As part
of her research on UNESCO’s
World Heritage Convention,
Herdis has carried out fieldwork
at World Heritage sites in
Australia, New Zealand, Norway
and at the World Heritage
Committee. As well as conducting
research on cultural heritage, Herdis
is also interested in research policy,
and played a central role in
establishing the Young Academy
of Norway.

See Herdis' presentation here


Anders Sundnes Løvlie:

Initially, Anders dreamt of
becoming either a mouintaneer,
a baker or a race car driver.
Failing at all the above, Anders
ended up as assistant professor
at the IT University of Copenhagen
and principal investigator for the
EU project GIFT: "Meaningful
Personalization of Hybrid Virtual
Museum Experiences Through
Gifting and Appropriation”
(see His main research
areas are experience design, locative
media, online debate and games.
He completed his Ph.D. at the
University of Oslo with a dissertation
titled “textopia: experiments with
locative literature”. He has been a
visiting scholar at UC Berkeley,
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
and the Norwegian University of
Science and Technology. He has led
the project “Online debate after 22 July”,
which investigated changes in Norwegian
online debate after the 2011 terrorist attack.

See Anders' presentation here

See the event poster here.