What is The Thor Heyerdahl Institute?

The Institute endeavours to promote and continue to develop Thor Heyerdahl’s ideas and principles within the following areas:
– Interdisciplinary research
– International dialogue / multi-cultural co-operation
– Protection of the global environment

The Institute was founded in the year 2000 and is located in Heyerdahl’s birthplace, Larvik. Vestfold County Council and Larvik Municipality have paved the way by granting financial support to the Institute every year since its foundation.

From 2006 onwards The Thor Heyerdahl Institute has also been granted direct funding through the Norwegian State budget. It has developed well and is involved in local, regional, national and international projects.

Learn more about the institute with the presentation “A presentation of the Thor Heyerdahl Institute”. 

Read the pdf here.

The presentation covers:

  • Objectives
  • Interdisciplinary research
  • International dialogue
  • Partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland / regional initiatives
  • Local initiatives in Larvik
  • Prioritised areas of activity 2011-2014

Board of Directors of The Thor Heyerdahl Institute

Members of the board and former members of the board.

What is the idea behind The Thor Heyerdahl Institute?

The Institute endeavours to continue and develop Thor Heyerdahl’s ideas and principles.


Mission, vision, cultural values ​​and promises.


Thor Heyerdahl Instituttet har flere ulike samarbeidspartnere.


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