The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2012 – Our thirsty planet

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute has arranged the annual conference, in cooperation of the Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), Seattle, USA.

The Institute brought in the keynote speaker, professor Terje Tvedt, University of Bergen for celebration of The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2012 at PLU, Wang symposium “Our Thirsty Planet”. February 23rd and 24th the symposium was held at PLU. Also the respected Maude Barlow from Canada, spoke at the Symposium. Enjoy an extra article on Barlow’s speech. 

The evening also featured two presentations by Institute board members Willy Østreng and Liv Arnesen. There is an article on Østreng’s presentation. 

Some of the students at PLU have started a blog on the symposium.

Here are some photos from the big event! See more photos here.