Thor Heyerdahl Scholarship

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute wants to contribute to international dialogue among young people in a changing world. The aim of the scholarship is to encourage interdisciplinary projects by groups or individuals studying at Norwegian high schools, and submissions can include written projects, films, photographs, drawings, exhibitions, music, dance, or art and crafts.

Gift from the Norwegian Government

On the occasion of the centenary celebration of Thor Heyerdahl on 6th October 2014, the Norwegian Government presented The Thor Heyerdahl Institute with a gift of NOK 150 000. The gift was given in the form of three scholarships worth NOK 50 000 each, to be awarded to young people engaged in global climate and environmental issues, cultural heritage and international dialogue.

Thorhild Widvey, the Norwegian Minister of Culture, spoke at the presentation ceremony in 2014; “Through his adventurous life and work Thor Heyerdahl contributed to the creation of knowledge, interest and passion for important global issues, ranging from nature and the environment to international dialogue. These themes are no less relevant today.”

The Institute chose to spread the scholarships over 3 years (2016 – 2018), with one theme for each year.

2016 – International Dialogue – A changing world

1st place: ‘The International Youth Dialogue Forum’
Victor Bergerskogen, Peder Braarød Østby, Anders Ramberg and Johannes Nyland Tandberg – Greåker videregående skole
Prize: 25.000,- NOK
Contribution: Web.

2nd place: Internasjonal Engelsk 1B/innføringsklassen – Horten videregående skole
Prize: 15.000,- NOK
Contribution: Film

3rd place: Ludvig Vikan – Nøtterøy videregående skole
Prize: 10.000,- NOK
Contribution: Film

2017 – Heritage and identity

1st place: Amalie Lindtveit Hinge, Maria Broby Foss, Malin Skripeland
and Ingrid Staverløkk.
Contribution: Analysis: Saueflokken på Sørlandet – Konformitetspress blant ungdom på Sørlandet. Dahlske Vgs (The flock of sheep in the South– Pressure to conform for young people in Southern Norway)
Prize: 16.000,- NOK

1st place: 2MK og 3MK Foto – Fyrstikkalleen vgs
Contribution: Fotoserie – Helsfyr før, nå og i fremtiden (Photo series, Hels Lighthouse before, now and in the future)
Prize: 16.000,-

3rd place:
Kaare W. Snekvik – Halden vgs
Eman Jamal Ahmed – Thor Heyerdahl videregående skole
Hanne Bråten – Trysil videregående skole

Thor Heyerdahl Scholarship

2018 – Climate and the environment

1st place: Haakon Lauvrak, Emilie Gule Karlsson og Kristina
Jacobsen – Dahlske videregående skole
Premie: 25.000,- NOK
Contribution: Information film on climate and the environment.

2nd place: Klasse KD2A – Bodin videregående skole
Prize: 15.000,- NOK
Contribution: Business idea – Shopping bag made from recycled materials with print.

2019 – The living ocean

1st place: «ÅPENT HAV», An animated short movie by Malin
Dolena Brady and Katinka Adelen Holt from 2KDAB at
Elvebakken vgs.
Prize: A scholarship of 20.000,- NOK

surreal, political short movie by Ola Askjer 1MUA at Sandefjord vgs and Isak Steinnes Christoffersen 2MKA at Thor Heyerdahl videregående skole
Prize: A scholarship of 20.000,- NOK

3rd place:«SMELTEPUNKT» A dance movie by 2DAA at
Firda vgs.
Prize: A scholarship of 10.000,- NOK