Seminar in Andora 2019

In connection with the friendship-city agreement that was entered a few months ago between the municipalities of Andora and Larvik, the institute and several politicians from Larvik visited Andora in Liguria on 30 May – 3 June.

The program included a trip to Colla Micheri, the property where Thor Heyerdahl lived many of his years, where he is buried and where some of his children now live. At Colla Micheri we were welcomed by schoolchildren from Andora who told us what they learned about Thor Heyerdahl and what Heyerdahl’s work can mean for the friendship between the two cities. During a guided tour of the wonderful property of Thor’s daughter, Marian Heyerdahl, we heard exciting and personal stories about how life with Thor Heyerdahl in Italy had been. Then lunch was arranged, where delicious local dishes were served, as well as speeches by the mayors of the two cities. After lunch, we visited Thor Heyerdahl’s burial ground, where flowers were laid in addition to a bit of storytelling. Then we went to Andora town center, where we were met by several hundred children who performed the Norwegian and Italian national anthems in choir, accompanied by national flags from both countries.
Later in the evening we witnessed a fantastic performance with Tjølling Sangforening, in collaboration with local ballet dancers.
On day two, the opening of a new exhibition dedicated to Thor Heyerdahl was marked with the cutting of ribbons. Attendees were Mayor of Andora, Mauro Demichelis, Mayor of Larvik Rune Høiseth, advisor Maria Teresa Nasi, Bjørn, Marian and Bettina from the Heyerdahl family, Reidar Solsvik from the Kon-Tiki Museum, university researchers from Andora, curators Anna Casella, university researchers from Andora, curators Anna Casella, Luisa Faldini, curators Anna Casella, Luisa Faldini, Renata Tiramani and coordinator of contemporary art Christine Enrile, Antimo Campanile from The Italian Embassy in Oslo in addition to us from The Thor Heyerdahl Institute. During the opening, Marian Heyerdahl also presented her own works, in addition to the Art School in Larvik which exhibited their students work.

Board member Liv Arnesen saves the day getting flowers

Beautiful orange trees in Alassio

High school students present what they know about about Thor Heyerdahl

Bjørn Heyerdahl og Antimo Campanile have a chat

Marian Heyerdahl tells us about her childhood in Colla Micheri and Andora

The tower where Thor Heyerdahl planned several of his projects

Thor Heyerdahls old type writer

Curator ved Kon-Tiki Museum Reidar Solsvik plans his next project

Antimo Campanile, Bjørn Heyerdahl og Beate Bjørge in the art studio of Ole Lislerud

Mood in Colla Micheri

Colours in rustic environments

Mediterranean and lush vegetation

View over Liguria

Friendships ar being made between Norwegians and Italians

Local dishes prepared for lunch

Thor Heyerdahls grave, where we laid down flowers

Excursion to Cervo

Entertainment by Andora school children

Purple and green basil, a speciality of Liguria

Tjølling Sangforening in concert. With Massimilliano Viapiano as artistic director

Local ballet dancers gave us a great impression

What became an exciting and wonderful experience