Academic studies

As part of our work to continue and develop the ideas and principles of Thor Heyerdahl we have established both a Thor Heyerdahl Professorship and a Masters Degree course. You can find information about both of these initiatives here.
Thor Heyerdahl studies

MSc Cultural Heritage Studies

The MSc in Cultural Heritage Studies is a multi-disciplinary Masters Degree developed by the Institute in co-operation with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). Students from all over the world have taken the degree course based at GCU. An attempt is currently underway to transfer the Masters Degree to a university in Norway.

MSc International Tourism Management

The partnership between Glasgow Caledonian University, The Moffat  Centre and The Thor Heyerdahl Institute in Larvik once again offers a unique Masters degree and scholarship scheme! Apply now!

Former students

See students who have studied at The Thor Heyerdahl Institute.

Partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) have worked together on a number of projects since 2002.