MSc Cultural Heritage Studies

The MSc in Cultural Heritage Studies is a multi-disciplinary Masters Degree developed by the Institute in co-operation with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). Students from all over the world have taken the degree course based at GCU. An attempt is currently underway to transfer the Masters Degree to a university in Norway.

A scholarship programme for students has been set up by the counties of Telemark and Vestfold in response to an application from the Institute. Scholarships are awarded to Norwegian Masters Degree students wishing to study in Scotland.

The Masters Degree comprises the subject areas of environmental protection, archaeology, cultural heritage, leadership, sustainable development, and the relationship between R&D, the public and private sectors. It was established with the help of considerable funding from the EU and has been declared by GCU to be unique in Europe. A specially appointed team (Heritage Futures Team) was responsible for establishing the academic foundation for the programme and has also been used to provide teaching staff for the course.

This interdisciplinary MSc in Cultural Heritage Studies has helped to promote international educational co-operation between Norway and Scotland. Feedback from the Norwegian students who have completed the Masters Degree is positive. All the students have found relevant jobs in Norway after having completed their studies. The Institute is not aware of the existence of an equivalent Masters Degree in Norway.

Read about John Lennon, the Moffat Professor and Director of the Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism Business Development. View pdf here.