The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2016 takes place on 26th October this year! The location is “Gamle Logen” in Oslo from 11.30-15.30.

At The Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2016, renowned scientists, like Hilde Waage (UiO), Cecilie Hellestveit (ILPI) and Cecilie Mauritzen (NIVA), together with explorers like Torgeir Higraff and Liv Arnesen, will give lectures based on this year’s theme, which is international dialogue. In addition, there will be a presentation of the winning entries of the Thor Heyerdahl grant 2016 – A grant of 50,000 kroner which The Thor Heyerdahl Institute distributes on behalf of the government.

We welcome all who are interested in interdisciplinary research, international dialogue, multicultural interaction and protection of the global environment, to an inspiring and informative day! The event is free and open to all.


A CHANGING WORLD – International dialogue

Wednesday 26 October 2016
Gamle Logen, Oslo

  • Winners of theThor Heyerdahl scholarship 2016
  • Free entry
  • Lectures by:

Hilde Henriksen Waage
Professor of history at the University of Oslo
«Why did everything go so wrong in Syria?»

Dr. Cecilie Hellestveit
«The Middle East and international law»

Torgeir Higraff
Expedition Leader, Kon-Tiki 2

Liv Arnesen
Educator, Kon-Tiki 2

Cecilie Mauritzen
NIVA, Research Director, Kon-Tiki 2
«International dialogue – pre-historic boats,team and research on plastic in the Pacific Ocean»

Kristin Saga
Regional Director, NHO Vestfold


The Thor Heyerdahl International Day is an annual conference organized by The Thor Heyerdahl Institute. It was first held in 2006 as a one-day event.