Thor Heyerdahl

about Thor Heyerdahl

About Thor Heyerdahl

Thor Heyerdahl (October 6, 1914, Larvik, Norway, dead April 18, 2002, Colla Micheri, Italy) was a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer with a background in zoology and geography.

Thor Heyerdahl expeditions


With his spectacular expeditions and original theories, Thor Heyerdahl was a controversial figure. His expeditions were both numerous and extensive, and had a major impact on his life.

Thor Heyerdahl heritage

Heritage of the world and Unesco

In May 2011, the Thor Heyerdahl Archives were added to UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” Register. Currently, this list includes 238 collections from all over the world. The Heyerdahl Archives span the years 1937 to 2002 and include his

Thor Heyerdahl childhood home

Official opening of the childhood home

The official opening of Thor Heyerdahl’s childhood home in Steingata 7, Larvik, took place in October 2011.

Thor Heyerdahl distinctions


The list of distinctions is long and impressive, bearing witness to the footsteps left by Thor Heyerdahl and his work.

Thor Heyerdahl books, biographies and films

Books, biographies and films

Countless books, a number of biographies and several films have been written and made about Thor Heyerdahl.