Tuesday April 17th, 18:00. Tickets kr 200,-

In collaboration with Larvik municipality, Thor Heyerdahl Institute presents an evening with the winners of the opera contest T.O.S.C.A 2017, arranged in Andora, Liguria each year. This is the area where Thor Heyerdahl spent a lot of his time over the last 25 years of his life, more specifically in the village of Colla Micheri which is located in the Andorra municipality. In 2016, Andora and Larvik, Heyerdahl’s birthplace, became friendship communities. In addition to the opera singer, the choir ‘Tjølling Sangforening’ will contribute beautiful songs through own pieces and as accompaniment to the soloists.

Featuring: Hyung Shin Kwon – Soprano; Sunghee Shin – Mezzosoprano; Jusung Lee – Baryton; Mattia Pelosi – Tenor. Tjølling Sangforening. Choir. Artistic director and pianist: Massimiliano Viapiano

Plakat for Thor Heyerdahl concert (Norwegian)

Program for Thor Heyerdahl concert (Norwegian)


T.O.S.C.A. (The Opera Student Competition Award) in Andora, Italy and presentation of the winners in Larvik, Norway since 2014.

T.O.S.C.A is a competition reserved for singers/students in the final year of their opera course of the Conservatory of Music for Italian and Foreign students (or equivalent) and for those who already hold a music diploma up to two years prior to the competition.

The mission of the Competition is to give the opportunity to young singers with adequate musical and theatrical preparation the chance to perform on small stages and in less known theatres around the world, thereby helping to turn the able student into an artist of the stage.

We choose to make T.O.S.C.A an International Competition, thereby breaking down geographical cultural economic and linguistic borders though our aim was first and foremost to open up musical borders.

The competition is in memory of the renowned award winning Norwegian anthropologist navigator and scientist Thor Heyerdahl (Larvik 1914 – 2002 Andora) who dedicated his life to exploration and learning. The essence of his quote represents the spirit of the prize” Borders? I’ve never seen one, but I’ve heard they exist in some people’s minds.”

T.O.S.C.A. Competition takes place every year in Andora, Italy and is organized by the Municipality of Andora and the Association Amusando with the participation of the Thor Heyerdahl Institute and the Municipality of Larvik (Norway), who host the 4 winners of T.O.S.C.A. in Larvik for the prize concerts arranged.

The first edition took place in 2014 on occasion of the Jubileum of Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2014).

In April 2017 one concert was also held in Oslo by The Italian Embassy with the contribution of the Museum Kon Tiki for celebrating the 70 years of Thor Heyerdahls world known Kon-Tiki expedition.

This year one concert will take place in Larvik and one in Oslo by the Italian cultural Institute.